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Our clients that work with us demand a rigorous process for finding top talent for their growing teams. As a result, resume, online presence, code samples, interviewing skills etc. have new standards as the tech industry evolves.  We offer professional feedback services to help you show your best self to prospective companies.

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We believe that finding the right job and environment takes more than an online search. We connect with candidates to learn their unique skill sets and experiences.  We work with you to understand more what your goals are.

Resume and Online Presence Feedback

There are many resources available that give suggestions for your resume and online presence. Sometimes you just need professional feedback. We offer services to help you represent your best self including:

  • Resume Feedback

This service includes a full review of your resume with feedback on content, styling and readability.  Technical applicants need a resume that quickly shows your technical skill sets while still showing side projects. It also still needs to be in a format that can be easily parsed into future employer's databases. First-time non-technical applicants applying to technology sector need to move away from the lengthy CV and into a concise resume that shows off multiple skill sets. We can help you create the resume you need for the job you want. 

  • Social Media/Online Presence Feedback

This service includes a scan of your online presence. It's not just about keeping your Linked In up to date. If technical, we can take a look at your GitHub or other public side-projects and offer suggestions on how to improve them for prospective employers. Depending on the opportunity, it helps to have feedback on your blogs (like Medium), social media (like Twitter) or personal website.